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11 ways to make money as a Youth Corper

To an average corps member in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme, the current living allowance paid by the Nigerian Government isn’t sufficient to cater for their daily needs. In an effort to cushion the effect of the money drought, some who still have their parent’s back depend on supplementary funding from home. If you are one, know that such support wouldn’t last forever. Start thinking of alternative means of survival on your own. The following tips should help.

Private Teaching

This is an age-long tradition that had kept many people going all through their university life. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to continue with the tradition. You indicate your interest in teaching children at home to everyone around you. It is always advantageous here for you if you got posted to a school. The teachers, the students, the members of your host community, not leaving out your fellow corps members could be helpful. It could involve you placing an advert of that through whatever means people can get it. Pupils and students in the terminal levels of their education need special lessons. Approach their parents and agree with them on some convenient price. Let me remind you that you can’t give what you don’t have. Update your knowledge to be able to teach others!

Laundry Service

Some folks require the service of persons to handle their laundry. This is a very lucrative venture you can engage in during your spare time. Have you ever attempted calculating how much those illiterate ‘any wash’ women made daily from students during your university days? I know your style of handling the trade would be much professional based on your level of education. Brand the service well. Start small and grow it into something worthwhile.


This, we were taught back in our elementary school, is the oldest occupation of man. Every individual, no matter how sophisticated, depends on agricultural products to survive. What are you waiting for? This becomes handy when you are serving in a rural/agrarian area. Your host community could be kind enough to lease you some land to grow crops. Those from the nomadic families could allow you milk their cattle too. A cordial relationship with members of your host community is all you need to keep you going. Think of a sector in agriculture you can invest in. Snail rearing, fish farming, poultry farming, bee farming and crop production are among areas to consider. Read further on various areas in agriculture on your own. Better still, your jottings during the SEAD lectures relating to agriculture would be very valuable here.


The distribution of products to their final consumers is going to be interesting to those with good marketing skills. Get some marketable product of interest to sell in your host community and get your profit out of that. Wouldn’t it be interesting that you make some people’s work easier by bring their basic needs closer to them?


The people around you need the service of a graduate like you to help them put their thoughts in print. Use this avenue to make some cash. It might not be appealing to some people that you charge to write for them. Let such people look for others that would do so for them for free. Today, writing is about the fastest growing lucrative venture. As long as people value your writing skill they would be ready to pay for your service. Writing is real business!

Editing and Proofreading

Some people are good writers but would still need others to proofread their works. Such people don’t want to patronise professional editors because those ones charge more. You are a likely alternative to get such assignments done. Be prudent enough to charge them well. Your knowledge of grammar isn’t a waste. Use it to make some money!

Mobile Workforce

What about making some money from your mobile phone? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to use your phone for purposes other than connecting with friends and families? I had once written about some productive things you can do with your phone. With your phone, tablet or laptop, you can connect with clients and business associates to get things going. Physical presence to carryout business transaction is now becoming de-emphasised with technological advancement. You can serve others to make money anytime, anywhere.

Educational Research

These days, tertiary education students are lazy about doing educational research. If you know how to choose suitable researchable topics, prepare a review of related literature, compile and analyse data, this is where you can make some dough. The aspect of data compilation and analysis is the bomb. Let such students know of your service and charge them good. This becomes useful if you got posted to a locale where tertiary institution students live. You know that educational research is not beans. So, be prepared to take up the challenge and see yourself well off.

Online Assignments

Just like the mobile workforce, handling online assignments can be very interesting. Using your contacts and friends across the social media, your email and freelancing sites, you can get some extra cash into your bank account. Think of services such as writing, editing, proof reading, social media account management, web designing, blogging and programming as likely sources of income online. All you require is a laptop, a stable internet access and the will to work. Mind you, trust is a major factor here. You must first earn the trust of people online before they can keep faith in you to handle their assignments. There is money online!



This would be an interesting sector for guys who have understanding of it. As you are now in a new environment, utilise that moment to initiate or support some programmes/projects that would make people enjoy their stay in such places. Simplest of all is to work out ways of supplying beverages and snacks to people and organisations. What about handling restaurants and food service, tourism destinations and attractions identification, hotel bookings, meeting and event planning? The hospitality sector is a very lucrative business area that could set you up as an entrepreneur during and after the service year. Think hospitality!

Physical Fitness Expert

For those with sufficient background in physical fitness, this is moneyland! To stay healthy, people need to engage in physical exercises in addition to good nutrition habits. Being well skilled in physical activity instruction, your service would be needed in companies, schools, places of worship, government agencies and especially the ministry of sports. You would be able to educate people on their health, save their lives and make some money from that. They say health is wealth. Make some wealth with your knowledge of health!

Which other ways do think corpers can make money? Your comments would be appreciated.

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