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At 29, She’s Still Bed Wetting; Please Help Her!!

Hello friends, my friend has been suffering right from her childhood till now, please is there any solution for her because this bed-wetting issue is becoming something else. Just yesterday she decided to spend a night at her boyfriend’s house since it was raining heavily (note, she doesn’t sleep outside because of this problem) only for her to come to my house this morning as early as 5:30am with tears in her eye and when I ask her what happen, she told me the same old issue of bed wetting and that the guy drove her out, call her names and ask her never to call him again.

Please what can she do to stop this mess because age is no longer on her side. mature advice please!

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  1. cyril:

    Am sorry I wouldn’t like to prescribe a solution right here, but we can talk over the phone 07063333687, and have faith

  2. mikkyJ:

    Try to eat early in the evening, drink less water. Always wake up at night to ease yourself.

  3. asokeji:

    There is total solution,if and only she has the believe that God is the most super reliever.share the issue with this man of God on Pastor oluwatomisin 08032968833,08173856797,she will tell no old story any longer,all she need is to have faith.

  4. Florence Patang N Ngu:

    Let her go to SCOAN, Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos , she will be delivered by Prophet T B Joshua.
    It is either an either an affliction or spiritual attack.
    Many ladies with such problems have been delivered there.
    Let her get a medical report from a Doctor and go there and with her FAITH and BELIEF she will be healed. Let nobody discourage you by giving you false information about the man of God, he is real.

  5. Austin:

    Dear Lady, I have a solution to that issue you are facing and the solution is prayer and fasting to bind that demons behind it.It was designed to disgrace you and hinders you from getting married.Please dont look down on yourself Call God seriously to that situation believe me, God Almighty will surely delivers you,Only just believe that there is nothing God cannot do.Good luck to as you try this.

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