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Funny Church posters and Signposts

We searched the internet to bring you a collection of the funniest church posters and signposts ever made. Laugh all you can because you deserve it and there is never a dull moment on

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4 comments on this post.
  1. jey:

    may God have mercy on us

  2. funmi ibiloye:

    Indeed, the end time has come.

  3. Dan Zuru:

    It is time to seek the Lord God Almighty.When people leave the Fountain of Truth and Life they get into the wrong thing.It is time to hold unto the Truth (Bible).

  4. pit01:

    It is left for wise man to choose which way forward. seek first KINGDOM OF GOD and other things be added to you. JEHOVAH said HIS judgment will start HIS house. Let us not be deceived in name of deliverance/prosperity. JEHOVAH love us and HE cares.

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