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Help! My husband starves me of sex


We got this email from a female reader, pls say a word of advice:

“Its 7 month now and have been on sex strike. It started like a joke, my marriage is just a year+ and I think he’s tired. Initially he said he can’t have sex with me while am pregnant, which I dont agree with anyway but I just accepted my faith. During pregnancy sometimes my sex drive is so high and I will beg him but he always refuses. Very soon my baby will be 3 months and my hubby has come up with another excuse of family planning and have told him the options available but he’s still not satisfied. From what I can read, his crazy mind is telling him abstinence is the best option.
This man is driving me crazy. I married as a virgin and am not even asking for too much, at most once a week. There is no room to be suspicious of cheating but am beginning to get scared. I have tried all the seductive methods I know of and nothing is working. We even watch movies that have scenes that will arouse a normal person yet he is not moved. Pls what can I do? Because this issue is driving me crazy and I’m forced to believe his cheating on me.”

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  1. Gospel:

    That’s a major problem I tell you. Cheating is not the reason why he’s not interested. There are questions I would have asked you if we were talking. All the same; speak to him about it and hear his response.

  2. MR GOOD:

    hmmm! it s quite unfortunate for a lady that got married as a virgin. to avoid stories that touch from your end just get a vibrator to easy yourself while you systematically handle the issue with him.

  3. wale:

    I would strongly suggest you sit him down and have a word with him and if he doesn’t change sit his parents down and report him to them in the presence of your pastor and if all this don’t work, get him a sex drive tonic or something like that and add it to his drink or meal, it would surely work instead of him pushing you out to cheat on him which might happen sooner or later if you continue this way.

  4. anonymous:

    forget it babe, there are many guys like that out now, whether you believe or not, he is cheating on you.

  5. Onyishi Okechukwu:

    Do not think that he is cheating on you, but reason that he may have a problem in himself. May be his penis is no more erecting. If that is the case, suggest to him of herbal medicine. He should not be ashamed of himself because you are his wife. He should open up to you. Ask him if he has that as a problem.

  6. Francis:

    May I say, there are couple of issues causing sexual abstinence, first probably you did not play with him as desired during your previous sexual intercourse, which means he had a good sex with someone before marrying you?
    Secondly may be he likes oral sex and you are not buying to it
    Thirdly, may be you complained at one point in time during your sexual intercourse
    Fourthly, probably he has an infection that he is hiding and doesn’t want you to be infected or perhaps you are infected and he doesn’t know has to tell you to go for treatment, and thus he may re-contact the infection if he has sex with you
    I would suggest you have a sincere discussion with him to find out his annoyance or trouble with sex, just as others have advised.

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